We absolute love Aromatherapy essential oils at the salon and use them in most of our treatments.   A natural way of caring for our beauty needs, they also feed our soul making us feel fantastic

We mix and retail our own remedies as well as stocking our favourites which are Neils Yard and the very affordable Eve Taylor.

All the products we sell are natural ,have not been tested on animals and they all come  in recyclable packaging.



Our very own Elizabeth Anne Blends

Our Products, are mixed in the salon and are sold in glass jars.  if you return the bottle we can refill and deduct a £1.00 off the retail price of the new purchase.

We aim to recycle as much as possible.

Body Rubs £10.00  

These are blended oils that you can rub on to the affected areas of your body. The benefits of these beautiful oils are huge.  It can relieve stress, anxiety, reducing pain, swelling and inflammation. Creating a sense of well-being. Choosing the right blend is the secret to getting the best benefits for the individual’s needs.  By using the warming oils of black pepper, ginger and marjoram it can ease Arthritic pain.  Oils such as rosemary, juniper and lavender can help with aching sore tired muscles. Whilst feminine oils such as rose, geranium and the fabulous frankincense are well known for re-balancing hormones. 


Floral Waters      £5.00


These products are great for using as a body spray, skin toner, insect repellent and has a calming effect on sensitive skin.  We stock, chamomile, rose, teetree and lavender.

Pillow Mists           £6.00


Spray over your pillow or linen, close your eyes and relax with a soothing fragrance which encourages A good night’s sleep.


Roll on Remedies         £7.00


A convenient get-well remedy whilst you are on the go.  Soothes and comforts many ailments, just rub on to the pressure points, brilliant for headaches, eliminating stress aiding relaxation and can help unblock sinuses

Diffusing oils             £5.00

We stock a variety of aromas to suit every mood and occasion.   They can create a relaxing atmosphere, boost memory and concentration, aid with decongestion or just eliminate odours. The oils can be used in a variety of ways such as in a diffuser or you can pop some drops on a tissue.  You can also add to running hot water for aromatic bath of your choice.

Gift Vouchers – The Perfect Present

Spoil that special person with one of our gift vouchers. 

We can post or email the vouchers upon request or you can purchase online below:

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