Holistic Treatments


Why not treat yourself to one of our Blissful Relaxing Holistic treatment

Some of the Health benefits of a Holistic treatment

Rebalances and harmonises the body, eases anxiety & stress

Creates a feeling of well being

Encourages sleep and helps with fatigue

Aids the body to relax and helps quieten down a busy mind this encourages the body to enter a tranquil phase, in which the body can concentrate on healing





A non-invasive complementary therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation and well-being by reducing stress in people’s lives can be key in optimising good health and building resilience. 



Hopi Candling

A pleasant relaxing experience which clears the nose and throat areas.  A facial pressure point massage infused with Eucalyptus and Rosemary oils adds extra benefits.



Body Massage

The benefits are immense from reducing muscle tension, detoxing and increases joint flexibility also eliminating toxins leaving you feel relaxed and stress free



Hot Stones

A specialist massage that uses volcanic heated stones the benefits are more effective, the heat reduces muscle tension and eases stiffness. A very relaxing treatment which will leave you feeling great!!


Indian Head Massage

A tranquil treatment which can help reduce headaches and eliminate stress and encourages a good night sleep.

 Aromatherapy Massage

We pride ourself on our knowledge of Aromatherapy oils and use it in most of our treatments, we offer custom made Aromatherapy massage tailored specially to suit your needs and likes.  Another favourite is the Aromatherapy facial which includes a relaxing back neck and shoulder massage.  A blissful treatment

Aromatherapy Back Massage – £30.00

Aromatherapy facial – £41.00

Aromatherapy full body massage – £50.00



Heavenly foot and leg treatment

This is the perfect solution for those tired busy feet and restless legs First, we will cleanse the feet with heated peppermint infused mitts, then an exfoliation is applied removing all dry skin which we then soak in a lovely warm foot spa.  Followed by a lymphatic pressure point massage a must for tired aching feet.


Treatment Cost – £18.00

To add a nail Treatment Conditioner – £22.00



The Deluxe Body Treatment

An Amazing body treatment which incorporates a full body brush, exfoliation, body wrap followed by a full body massage. Leaving you looking and feeling Fantastic            £80.00


Back treatment

Like a facial but for the back, a deep cleansing treatment.   Excellent if you suffer with skin congestion, if you  have a special occasion coming up or just want to give your back a great treat.  We start with a deep seaweed exfoliation with includes the added benefit of body brushing, an excellent procedure to get the lymph and circulation system moving.  A mask is then applied for 20 minutes, in this time you can choose from a relaxing foot or a head massage, whatever is your preference.  The mask is removed using hot mitts infused with a soothing fragrant oil.

For an extra treat we can finish with a back massage which we use essential oils tailored to suit your skin

Back Treatment £28.00

With a massage £45.00

Body Scrub/Dry brushing

Exfoliating the dead skin cells, is the key to a radiant, healthier and more youthful appearance. Combined with body brushings it gives the added bonus of stimulating the bodies drainage

and circulation system   Finely grounded seaweed is infused with essential oil of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, which sooths the senses whilst the dull dry skin cells are buffed away.  Skin drenching moisturisers concludes the treatment leaving the skin feeling soft,smooth and hydrated.                       

Why not Add a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage for that extra Treat?                             

Back Scrub – £16.00

Back Scrub/Massage – £38.00

Full body Scrub – £32.00

Full body Scrub/Massage – £60.00



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